Survey for Hazardville residents only.
Select only one response for each question unless otherwise directed.

1. What is your overall impression of the service provided by the
Hazardville Fire District?

Excellent     Good    Fair    Poor    Don’t Know

Please comment on your overall impression of the service provided by the district.

2. During the last five years have you or a member of your household had contact with a member of the Hazardville Fire Department?

Yes     No (please skip to Q5)    Don’t Know (please skip to Q5)

3. If you answered Yes to Q2, what prompted the contact(s)?
(check all that apply)

1. Emergency Medical Care
2. Fire Suppression
3. Emergency Rescue (e.g., Vehicle Extrication, Water Rescue)
4. Smoke Detector Installation Program
5. Fire Code Enforcement/Fire Inspection Consultation
6. Public Education Programs/Community Classes (e.g., CPR, Car Seat Safety,
          Bicycle Helmet Program)
7. Special Events (e.g., School Events, Athletic Events, Community Events)
8. Explorer Youth Program
9. Open house at fire station
10. Other

4. If you answered Yes to Q2, how satisfied were you with the contact(s)?

Very Satisfied    Satisfied    Not Satisfied    Don’t Know

If you were or were not satisfied, please indicate why:

5. To the best of your knowledge the Hazardville Fire District is primarily funded by
(check one)

Property Taxes
County Revenue
Fees for Service
Community Class/Training Fees
Don’t Know

6. What are your primary sources of information about the Hazardville Fire District? (check all that apply)

1. Local Newspaper(s), please specify:
2. Local Radio Station(s), please specify:
3. Local TV Channel(s), please specify:
4. Electronic/Social Media (e.g., District website, Facebook page, Twitter account)
5. Word of Mouth
6. Board of Director’s Meetings/Minutes
7. Friend/Family Member Associated with District
8. Other

7. Please rank, in order of importance to you and your household, the following Hazardville Fire Department services and programs. Rank the most important as ‘1’, the second most important as ‘2’, the third most important as ‘3’, etc. until reaching ’10’ to identify the least important service/program.

Emergency Medical Services
Fire Code Enforcement/Fire Inspections
Fire Suppression Services
Fire and Life Safety Education
Public CPR Classes
Fire/Arson Investigations
Community Service Programs (i.e. car, seat safety, bicycle helmet program)
Explorer Youth Program
Disaster Preparedness
Technical Rescue (i.e. Vehicle Extrication, Water Rescue)

8. If you would be interested in learning more about volunteering (non-firefighting and firefighting opportunities are available) for the Hazardville Fire District, please provide your name and phone number in the space below.

9. Do you or anyone in your household have any of the following special needs that may affect their ability to receive or follow instructions?

1. Visual Impairment
2. Hearing Impairment
3. Physical or Mobility Impairment
4. Other

Thank your participation.

Hazardville Fire Department, 385 Hazard Avenue, Enfield, CT 06082 • (860) 749-8344EMERGENCY CALL 911