A Call To Action

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With 33.8 square miles and more than 45,000 residents to protect, The Fire Departments of Enfield are always in need of courageous men and women to serve as volunteer firefighters. Our members, including the Enfield, Hazardville, North Thompsonville, and Shaker Pines Fire Departments, invite you to join forces with them for a life-changing experience — not only for you, but for the individuals and families whose lives you will touch along the way.

It’s a Big Pair of Boots to Fill…

Volunteer firefighters are trained to work under the direction of company officers to perform rescue, fire extinguishment, ventilation, salvage, overhaul, extrication and medical-aid duties. More specifically, job functions and responsibilities include:

 Responding to emergency calls
 Working as part of a team at emergencies
 Having or obtaining a thorough knowledge of all
  tools and equipment in use by the fire department
 Actively taking part in the general care and maintenance of
  the fire station
 Participating in required training sessions
 Abiding by the policies and procedures of the fire department
 Becoming familiar with the streets and general conditions
  of the district
 Maintaining all department-issued equipment
 Being willing and able to work in hazardous situations
 Following safety procedures and regulations
 Public relations and fire prevention campaigns

  … But the Rewards Make it All Worthwhile!
  Everyone has their own personal reasons for wanting to become a volunteer firefighter. Some are driven by a longstanding family tradition, while others are seeking to forge their own personal tradition of community service. Whatever the motivating factor, there are many rewards and incentives, the greatest of which is a sense of belonging to a brotherhood/sisterhood that is unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before. Other rewards that could be available to regular members include:

Ongoing challenge and excitement
Meeting new people who share a common interest
Basic training
Gaining new job skills
Insurance and retirement benefits
Flexible time schedules
Up to $1,000 tax allotment*
Opportunities to earn part-time pay
General feeling of satisfaction from helping others
Educational Reimbursement

*If Enfield Resident

  Why Wait to Join?
  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer firefighter, click here to download an application and mail or bring it to the fire department you would like to serve, as listed on the application. A representative of the department will further discuss your qualifications, answer any questions you may have and arrange for you to complete the application process.

Hazardville Fire Department, 385 Hazard Avenue, Enfield, CT 06082 • (860) 749-8344 EMERGENCY CALL 911