The Village Trumpet

The Village TrumpetThe Village Trumpet

This publication has been named for the speaking trumpet historically used for communication by fire officers. Such trumpets, which date back to as early as 1752, enabled officers to give command during a fire and to call cadence for hand pumpers. While early trumpets were made of painted tin, later brass trumpets became popular gifts for fire officers. The trumpet continued to serve as an important communication device for many years. It is now used as a symbol to indicate rank within fire departments.

We hope that our Village Trumpet will live up to its name by serving as an effective method of communicating with the entire community of Hazardville. In this newsletter, you will find tips pertaining to fire safety and prevention, information about programs and events sponsored by the Fire Departments of Enfield, profiles of our members and other exciting features. If you have any comments or suggestions you would like to share, please feel free to call HFD at (860) 749-8344.

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